What is board book printing?
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Difference In Catalogue Printing Quality Empty Difference In Catalogue Printing Quality

Wed Jul 28, 2021 12:55 am
Difference In Catalogue Printing Quality

As a medium of information dissemination, catalogue printing is loved by many enterprises. With the rapid development of science and technology, catalogue printing industry, as an electronic publication and paper publicity material, many enterprises cannot do without it. Therefore, we must know how to distinguish the quality of custom catalogue printing .

At present, there is no effective way to distinguish the quality of catalogue printing . At this time, you need to know how to distinguish the material and importance of the paper. It is necessary to know which paper is mainly used when printing the catalogue, and it can be distinguished by the naked eye. Generally speaking, it is mainly used the paper material is double copper paper, double offset paper.

First, the printing effect of good quality paper is also better. Good paper is not necessarily white, smooth and delicate, not rough. Touch the glass surface with a hand feel, soft and rough.

Second, it is distinguished by paper shaking and ink dip test paper. If the shaking makes a great noise, the paper must be crisp and flexible. If it is used for printing books and paintings, the effect is very poor. Dip the ink test paper with a brush, and click the paper gently. The reaction of the good paper is to absorb ink quickly, evenly disperse, the ink edge is not serrated, and the ink is dry fast and other ink completely permeates the paper fiber. Then click the second time, the ink drying effect is obvious and the ink ink is clear.

Third, in catalogue printing, the machine used is directly printed by four-color machine, or in color printing. If it is color printing, there will be double shadows. Finally, cut evenly and the page number must not be wrong.

Generally speaking, paper has a great influence on the printing quality of Catalogue printing. Only good paper can make a beautiful catalogue and bring better publicity effect to enterprises. If you want to make a good quality and cheap catalogue printing , you must understand the characteristics of the paper and make full use of the printing materials to obtain good printing quality.
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